St Catherine High School

JANUARY 31, 2017

The St Catherine High School requested the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) to do a one day Youth Development Camp with the boys of their 10th grade, for an event they dubbed as “Boys Day”. This one day camp was held on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

The segment for the IYF started after lunch with our local songbird Mrs Shelley-Ann Genius doing a powerful rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Hero”, followed by Bette Midler’s “From a Distance.” Many people in the audience lifted their voices with her as they felt the connection in the song.

The students and staff were also captured by the play “Ana” that was performed by the IYF’s Youth Volunteers. This play, which highlighted a problematic child who eventually discovered her mother’s true heart, left many in tears at its closure.

The 10th grade students were divided into two groups and were sent to different classes to engage the Mind Education Lectures. The lectures revolved around “Isolation and Self-Control” and “Puberty”. The students listened, participated and responded very well as they were able to relate to the things being presented by the lecturers. They could see themselves who were living their lives being dragged by their desires without having a proper braking system. Also, they were finally getting some understanding of themselves and why they were having the struggles they were as they are journeying through puberty.

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