Volunteer for the IYF World Culture Camp

Join many others in this awesome opportunity being offered to become a Volunteer at the IYF World Culture Camp.

To prepare you for this experience, we have provided some information below. Please read carefully:

 Volunteer World Camp

This year, we will only be selecting 50 Volunteers for this Camp. The selected volunteers will be required to attend a compulsory workshop between the period June 4 (Mon) ~ 10 (Sun) where they will receive training and preparation for the camp. If you are interested, you must complete the following actions to be considered:

1. Complete this Volunteer’s Registration Process. If you have not yet registered for the World Culture Camp, do so at www.iyfjamaica.com/worldcamp and pay your World Camp Registration Fee of $500 at any of our branches.

2. Register to become a member (volunteer) of the IYF at www.iyfjamaica.com/volunteering and then pay your membership subscription of $500 per year at any of our branches. Ignore this step if you have done this before.

3. Indicate your availability to attend the Volunteers’ Workshop and the World Camp by selecting the checkbox on the Volunteers’ Registration Form that you will attend the workshop and Camp.

What we will do during the Workshops

  • Overview of the IYF World Camps
  • Video Presentations
  • Discussion about the areas for Volunteering
  • Culture Exhibition
  • Performances
  • Meet Your Team

See below a list of Volunteer Areas to Sign Up for:

(Click on each area for further details)

Promotions Team

Volunteers for the Promotions Team will assist in the promotions of the World Camp. This include going out in the field to promote the World Camp on the road and selected areas; at Schools; etc.


Contact and collaborate with sponsors and potential sponsors to support the Camp.

E.g.) Camp fundraising; donation; Sponsorship; Gain support and partnerships; etc.

Academy Sessions

Prepare and manage the Academies for the World Camp.

E.g.) Invite Guest Lecturers; Arrange locations for each Academy; Create IYF Academy display boards; Prepare items for Academy classes; Manage Academy Rotation Time; etc.


Contact VIPs and make the necessary arrangements for them during the World Camp.

E.g.) Ushering; Reception; Invitations; Seating Plan; etc.

Media Team

Help design and build various mediums for events before and during the World Camp and to promote the World Camp.

E.g.) Video Production; Still Image Capture; World Camp Webpage Administration and Programming; Social Media Management for World Camp (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), World Camp bulletin board, venue signs, Public Relations; Media & Reporting; etc.;

Administrative Staff

Registration for Camp; Writing emails and letters; Making phone calls; Documenting meetings as assigned; etc.

Culinary & Kitchen Management

Preparation of Meal Plan for World Camp; Preparing all Meals for the various events as assigned; etc.

Equipment & Lighting Technicians

Preparation, management and installation of Audio Visual and Lighting Equipment.

E.g. Speakers; Microphones; Cables; Projectors & Screens; Lights & Truss; Mixing and Controlling Boards; etc.

Performing Arts Team

Dancers, Singers, Actors, Musicians, etc.

Duties include creating, preparation, rehearsal of Dances, Songs, Plays, and Musical Pieces; etc.

E.g. Speakers; Microphones; Cables; Projectors & Screens; Lights & Truss; Mixing and Controlling Boards; etc.

Make-Up Artistes

Preparing the Dancers, Singers, Actors, Musicians, Moderators, Speakers, etc. with the desired look for the performance.

Costume & Backstage Support Team

Preparing and arranging the costumes, props, etc of the Dancers, Singers, Actors, Musicians, etc. before, during and after the various performances.

Primary School Camp

Volunteers of the Primary School Camp will assist with the overall preparation and execution of the programs for the primary school students before and during the World Camp period. These include, bit are not limited to,  preparation of games, dances, drama, props, etc.

Want to be a Volunteer for IYF World Camp? Here is how:

  • Complete and submit the form to the right to sign up as a Volunteer for World Camp

  • Check your Email for the confirmation email that we sent

  • Attend the Workshops to prepare you to serve on the World Camp:

    First Workshop scheduled for May 20 (Sat)

  • Start Volunteering!

Volunteer for the IYF World Camp

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