Forging Hearts of Youths Today for Powerful Leaders Tomorrow

Pubertal changes are stressful enough for young people. Without support, the stress of these changes is more than they can manage. However, the ideal family situation with proper role models is becoming the exception. These factors, combine to produce the problems we are seeing. The reality does not suggest hope. The IYF is restoring strength to their hearts so hope can arise: we are creating tomorrow’s leaders.

World Camp

The World Camp helps young people overcome their limitations and set firm roots and a solid foundation to become leaders.The programs offered by IYF are designed to fuel both spiritual and mental, growth .A core focus on teamwork and adapting to people of different backgrounds sets the foundation for a positive global citizen.

English Camp

The IYF English Camp is a short-term Christian trip. Volunteers visit a country that does not speak English natively. While they are there, they share and expose students to the language and foreign culture.The Camp has impacted thousands of people in Haiti, Mexico, Russia and Korea since 2005. Those who volunteer/work with the IYF experience the happiness that comes from serving others.

Good News Corps

Good News Corps (GNCorps) is an IYF overseas volunteering initiative. It focuses on the development of a true global mindset in the leaders of the next generation.It presents a unique opportunity for men and women at the age when they would start college. Here they can travel to another IYF country and experience all aspects of foreign culture for 10 months: cuisine, music, dance, sports, language, and architecture.This fosters a broad heart of a true leader

Ministers Of Youth Forum

An IYF-hosted initiative that brings international leaders together so they can discuss global youth issues and propose scalable solutions.World Forum participants have include national ministers of youth and education.Other key government officials, at the forum include other educators, and youth-minded business leaders. Since 2011, the forum has been helping IYF foster a powerful global network that has allowed for bilateral meetings with the presidents of around the world.


Our local IYF center extends it’s programmes not only to volunteers but to the local community as well. At our weekly academies the performing arts (dance and music), languages from across the World taught by native Volunteers and professionals, allow for anyone to be empowered regardless of their background and economic status.


Empowering Communities and Organizations across Jamaica

The IYF offers a wide range of uniquely designed services that aimed at bringing the hearts of the people together within an organization, community, or the country at large. Take a look at our services and contact us to design something specific for your stakeholders.