At the IYF we have a range of classes directed to youth development.


Learn different languages from native speakers who have come to Jamaica as volunteers to share with you their language and culture.


Learn how to play the piano or guitar! This course is great for anyone who has never touched a piano or guitar before but wants to learn and also for those looking to polish the skill.


Learn the art of dance, craft and defense. We have many cultural arts to expand your mind and keep your body busy.


63B Deanery Rd, Kgn 3
$ 1000 per academy
  • Saturdays
    10:00 AM ~ 11:20 AM Korean, Spanish
    11:40 AM ~ 1:00 PM Piano, Dance
Members Disc.

Montego Bay

Super 99 Plaza, Mount Salem Main Rd
Coming Soon


Superior Plaza #13, 11 Calendonia Rd, Mandeville
$ 2000 per month
  • Tuesdays
    11:00AM French & Korean
    3:00PM French
  • Wednesdays
    3:00PM French & Korean
  • Fridays
    11:00AM French & Korean
Members Disc.

50% off

IYF members receive 50% discount on our academies.