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Traveling to 6 cities across Jamaica

Christmas Concert Tour

The IYF Christmas Concert is a show-stopping musical experience that won’t be a night to forget. Through three beautiful music-filled stages, and one eternal message of hope. The Concert will infuse your heart with the true meaning of Christmas: The birth of hope, love, and God’s forgiveness.

Future Leaders

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The IYF helps all people to transcend their limitations so that they can establish strong spiritual roots and set a solid foundation for leadership. We provide dynamic programmes that enhance spiritual and mental growth, expand global awareness, promote intercultural tolerance, and develop leadership skills through our many volunteer programs, activities and events.

develop A
Global mindset

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Good News Corps

Good News Corps (GNC) is the official IYF overseas volunteering program that helps you develop a global mindset and learn what leadership means in our complex world. 10 months of immersion in your host country, exchanging your youth for the hearts of others and changing your outlook on life in the process. There’s no experience like GNC.

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International Youth Fellowship (IYF) is a Christian-based global youth initiative. With over 90 branches worldwide, the IYF is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of young people around the world.

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The IYF offers an array of activities that allow anyone to become a volunteer and give their service. Below we have a summary of the volunteering activities that are available.


Good News

Performing arts


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