Overcoming Stress

It’s about time we accepted it. Life is stressful, sometimes falling asleep can cause stress, think about times when you had an exam in the morning. Waking up can cause stress too when you went to bed too late the night before. Distances as small as two feet can be extremely stressful when you have to bear bad news or ask a difficult question. Everything we do generates stress at some time, so stress is unavoidable.Read more

Purpose Not Profit


In school, every child has a dream. Some want to become doctors, teachers, police officers or soldiers. If you ask them it is usually because of something they admire. Maybe the uniform, status or even how well the job pays.

Leap of Faith

You must have heard it before, someone saying, “They stole my idea!” Someone has a great idea to do something like open a pastry shop and sell their food cooked with mother’s special recipe. They think about it and plan it in their mind, but they never do it. Of course, they have many reasons why they didn’t or couldn’t do it. The noise from discouraging thoughts and circumstances drown their ambition and they give up. Then…someone else does something exactly like their idea and they feel cheated.

Expectations Vs Reality

Have you ever wondered why sometimes some students can’t seem to get along with their teachers, why some kids can never understand their parents or even why some wives can’t stand their husbands? For so long we have been living under the notion that things are supposed to be a certain way in our life relationships and when that doesn’t happen as expected, we feel miserable.

There Is Always a Way

Listen! Nobody wants to look stupid or be the laughing stock. We all prefer to be laughing than to be laughed at. No wonder we are afraid of failing…

Overcoming Burdens

Overcoming Burdens

Do you like burdens? Have we ever really stopped to think about why we dislike burdens so much? It’s because we consider an easy and problem-free life…


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