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It’s about time we accepted it. Life is stressful, sometimes falling asleep can cause stress, think about times when you had an exam in the morning. Waking up can cause stress too when you went to bed too late the night before. Distances as small as two feet can be extremely stressful when you have to bear bad news or ask a difficult question. Everything we do generates stress at some time, so stress is unavoidable.

If we accept that there is no way to avoid stress, we need to learn how to face and overcome it. Once we know how to do that, everything changes. Our greatest problem is that we want to avoid stress, trying to escape starts with an expectedly painful outcome. An outcome that we calculate/prophecy based on our calculations and experiences. Of course, none of us is a seer or fortune teller; we are just guessing. Unfortunately, we always expect the worst, and that is what breeds stress.

When we were children trying to walk, we fell a lot, and it was never a problem; we clearly never stopped trying. Tying our shoelaces was very stressful at one point but look at us now. Playing any contact sport means you may be hurt, but people do it anyway and enjoy it. Eating means we may bite our tongue or the inside of our jaw, but we still do it. Eating isn’t stressful, and we don’t avoid it, we just…do it. So why do we stress over other things?

Let’s say you have an exam in the morning and you are falling asleep. You have to assess the situation and ask, “Why am so I stressed now? Maybe I didn’t manage my time well!” Then we can figure out how to prevent a recurrence and put steps in place to improve our time management skills. In every situation, we need to make a decision at the moment and keep going. If it is a difficult question, we can just ask it the best way we can and keep going.

The difficulty starts when we shut down in front of a problem because of what we THINK may happen. Despite the stress we may have faced, we are here and still going, we don’t need to stop in front of the next problem. Make your best decision and keep moving. Just think, regardless of what happens, we need to make a decision, seek advice if we lack the wisdom, and keep going. We have lasted THIS long, and we can keep going.

Many challenges have come before us, but we are still moving, we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for, babies may be weak, but they become adults. Stress is NORMAL, we need to accept it as a part of everyday life and stop avoiding it. We CAN do it; we HAVE BEEN doing it. Stubbing your toe is normal when you walk, but we keep walking.

When you accept stress this way, you can say, what is that? This is normal, and I won’t let it stop me, there are things to achieve and the world to conquer and stress is just a springboard for success.

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  1. For me yes my expectation of the outcome of the situation impacts my response and of my standard of right vs wrong I judge the situation and make a conclusion . My greatest challenge is managing my emotions especially when a situation did not have the desired outcome . This article I’ll read more than once for good measure.

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