Founder's Message

During the past 50 years my ministry, whenever I saw hearts flow between parents, children, and friends, what formed was hope; hope to discover happiness and the depths of the heart. People who become isolated fall into their own thoughts and are rendered weak in mind, as well as in spirit.

In 1995, a young man named Andy came to me steeped in alcohol, drugs, and deviant behavior. I remember constantly praying for Andy to change. After a month of training him in Korea, he opened up to me and emerged with a brand new heart. Andy now lives a healthy, productive life in Colorado.

International Youth Fellowship (IYF) was born through that unforgettable experience. What our youths need are deeper, multidimensional views of the world and clean hearts before God in order to become leaders of the next generation.

My dream for IYF is that it allows young people to open up their hearts and learn to accept the people around them. This will lead to happiness and the longing to create happiness for others.


Pastor Ock Soo Park
IYF Founder


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