What is the Christmas Concert?

From The Heart To The Stage

The IYF Christmas Concert is a show-stopping musical experience that won’t be a night to forget. Through three beautiful music-filled stages, and one eternal message of hope. The Concert will infuse your heart with the true meaning of Christmas: The birth of hope, love, and God’s forgiveness.

Why Should I Attend?

Be taken to different countries and experience their culture through the dance performances.

Breathtaking Performances. Be part of an unforgettable evening filled with cherished music, magical stages, and passionate performances that will leave you breathless. Rediscover joy and laughter. The importance of family. And, how knowing and appreciating the hearts of others is the source of true happiness. Christmas Cantata is special because it expresses Christmas in a way that everyone around the world can easily understand. Now is your chance to experience this show along with family and friends.

Good News Jamaica Choir

The Good News Choir. The Good News Choir continues to reshape the landscape of choral music. One bold musical color created through self-sacrifice and harmonious sounds forged from the soul. And lives in the heart of all who has experienced the joy that Christmas Concert brings. You will witness how much power music has to move and change the heart.

Joy For The Entire Family. See the story unfold as our the IYF volunteers become the characters of a heartwarming Play, “Ana”. You’ll walk away with memories that last a lifetime and a heart filled with hope and peace. Best of all, you’ll have the time of your life.

Ana Play

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