IYF Youth Talk EP02


June 6, 2020

The Youth Talk Show is a youth engagement programme created by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF), a Christian youth organization focused on sowing the seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the hearts of youths locally and internationally. The second episode of the IYF Youth Show was aired last Thursday (May 28, 2020), through Zoom. It attracted alot of youths. There were participants who hailed from Jamaica, Antigua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, USA, South Korea and other countries. There were over 200 participants who joined through Zoom and over 500 who joined us live on Facebook.

The programme consisted of games and other fun activities; performances; break-out sessions; and presentations from a guest panellist and a guest lecturer who shared on the topic Desire and Self Control. The Guest Panellist was Mr. Aubrey Stewart, a Director in the Ministry of National Security. Aubrey Stewart is a very distinguished youth leader. He is the recipient of the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence and the Queen’s Young Leader Award, and was afforded the unique opportunity to introduce President Barack Obama during his visit to Jamaica in 2015. He shared about how he developed self control by sacrificing some of his desires in order to make time for activities such as studying, which propelled him to accomplish his dream.

The main Speaker was Mr. Noel Esty, Senior Manager and Mind Education Specialist in the International Youth Fellowship, who presented on the topic. The main point of his presentation was that desires are like the engines that drive our actions; but in the same way that any good car needs a brake to control it, we also need brakes in our lives so that our desires don’t drive us out of control. This brake is self control; and it is developed as we learn to give up some of the things that bring us immediate satisfaction for things that though may be difficult or challenging right now, propel us in a direction towards achieving our goals. Also, desires are not a problem; but they have to be managed.

The responses from participants were epic. Based on comments in the Zoom group chat, it was evident that participants enjoyed the dance and song performances; and they listened very keenly to the Guest Speaker and could relate to his experiences. One youth’s response to the Speaker was as follows:

It’s more about understanding the circumstances of the situations you grew in; having little also helps the majority to appreciate.

Many expressed gratitude to the Speaker and even asked how they could receive a copy of the presentation.

In addition, the youths were excited about the ‘Break-Out-Room’ sessions, and commented that they needed more time to be engaged in the session.

The Youth Talk Show has definitely provided an avenue for youths to share their thoughts, connect with each other, gain expert advise on topics of their interest, and connect with the heart of Jesus Christ. We hope that this will continue to bring them hope and strength to overcome this pandemic and other challenges they may experience.

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