IYF Youth Talk EP04 – Resilience


June 17, 2020

Most of us can probably list all the negatives that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our lives with little effort. However, one thing that this has taught us is that true connection surpasses physical boundaries – it occurs through the heart. Even though the participants of the IYF Youth Talk Show were separated by distance and time, that didn’t stop us from connecting, sharing our hearts and having a good time.

Like the previous episodes, youths from various countries join through Zoom as well as the live stream on Facebook for Episode 4. There was a bit of competition as participants scurried to find items to win the Scavenger Hunt challenge in the Ice Breaker segment of the show. Many youths were also inspired by the guest panelist, Mr. Kahlil Hutchinson, President of the UTech Student Union, who shared on the topic: Resilience – Overcoming Hard Times. He spoke about how he developed a strong mindset by overcoming various situations in his school and youth leadership life; and encouraged youths to not be afraid of failure.

The highlight of the session was the presentation from the Guest Speaker, Mrs. Kerry Brett-Esty, Mind Education Specialist and Dean of Instruction for English as a Second Language in a Middle School in Queens, who also shared on the topic. She led a very interactive discussion. The chat room was blazing right throughout the session as youths responded to questions and requests for input at different points. From her presentation, we could realize that we are made up of body, mind and spirit; and in order to be truly healthy and happy, all areas have to be nourished. However, overcoming difficulties, in particular, starts from the mind. Having a resilient mind speaks to being able to move forward despite the challenges I am currently facing, and not remaining a victim of the situation. Developing a resilient heart is not something we have to do alone. We can seek the help of mentors who can help us to breakthrough those tough challenges that are too difficult for us to overcome alone.

This topic was further discussed in the Break Out Room Session. Here one particular youth shared that she experienced the roughest time in her life while preparing for her CAPE exams.

I suffered in silence; but after reflecting on the Speaker’s message, I realized that I didn’t have to suffer alone. I wish I could go back and impart the knowledge learnt to my 18yr old self.

Through the Guest Speaker’s presentation, she could realize that when she is not able to do it by herself, she doesn’t have to give up, nor does she have to suffer alone; she can seek help!

Every week, The IYF Youth Talk Show continues to redirect the hearts of youths, bringing hope and newness to their lives, as they learn about the world of the heart and how to connect it to the true source of strength, peace and happiness….that is, Jesus Christ.

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