Why So Serious?
Laughter is Medicine


Everyone can look back and reminisce about when they were kids. Everything was so much simpler then. We had very little to stress about. Unless there was a particular disaster, we can all remember frolicking and playing a lot. Those were our happy years, we could take anything, add our imagination and create a world of happiness.

At that time, we were free for the strictures of human expectations. When we were sad, we cried, when we were happy we showed it too. As we grew, life became complicated, and we became serious. Our smile was gradually replaced by our battle face. Now we fight for everything; for the best job and the best position. Everybody is the enemy, so why should we smile?

As we become more serious, we are also become sicker. It is a scientific fact that laughter is vital to our health! In 1964, American journalist, Norman Cousins, was diagnosed with a rare disease and was told he had 0.2% chance of survival. His research revealed that his medicines and his illness were draining Vitamin C from his body.

Laughter is free, and we can get it by just releasing our inner child. We have many reasons to stress but there also many reasons to laugh.

His research led him to a drastic decision, he replaced his doctor with one who accepted him as a health partner and not a patient. Next, he started massive doses of Vitamin C and he binge-watched comedies, so he could also get massive doses of laughter. The result, he lived 26 years longer than anyone predicted.

Did laughter cure him, we can’t say for sure. However, scientists confirm that laughter increases the levels of T-cells, our body’s natural cancer-fighting agents. Some T-cells, though present, are also triggered when we laugh. Other antigens that fight upper respiratory illnesses and repair damaged cells are also triggered by laughter.

All of that from just laughing? YES! Yet, we take laughing for granted and walk around with a grimace. Laughter is free, and we can get it by just releasing our inner child. We have many reasons to stress but there also many reasons to laugh. There are too many things to be thankful for, and a lot to be happy about.

Treat yourself to a good laugh now and again; it’s cheap medicine. Your body and heart will be refreshed and heal themselves because of it.

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