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When a child throws a tantrum in public, parents sometimes feel embarrassed and helplessness. This is intensified by the thought of being judged as a bad parent by people who see the child whining, kicking, screaming, hitting and generally misbehaving. Children throw tantrums as an expression of anger and frustration for various reasons. Sometimes it is when they cannot get or do what they want. These emotional outbursts are a normal part of a child’s development, but many parents don’t know what to handle them. They react by getting angry or giving in to the child’s demands.

There are many theories about how parents should raise their children, but John Rosemond, author and family psychologist for Prager University, believes that what children really need are consistent doses of Vitamin N –  being told NO. Up to the 1950s, parents gave their children a lot less of the things they wanted, but their mental health was better. Nowadays, to make them happy, overindulgence and a lack of Vitamin N, has created children who are demanding, unthankful, destructive, antisocial and unhappy. Receiving things generate a desire for more things but those new things quickly become old. While children need care and affection, they also need to be told NO.

Discipline to control our desires is critical from a young age so we can grow properly and become responsible adults. Many people are driven by a desire to do what they want and fulfil the desires of their heart. Popular music and culture encourage you to “live your life”, do what you want. With this mentality, people become unhealthy, eating only what they like and never exercising because they do not like it. Many fall into game addiction, gambling and debt because they must have whatever they want. Some become trapped by drug abuse, promiscuity and even illegal activities that drag them into prison.

Many children learn to get what they want by whining, complaining, crying, even manipulating their parents. If their desires were never denied, they won’t have the skills necessary to exercise self-control.

How do you react when you are told NO?

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