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The Mimosa pudica is popularly known as the “touch-me-not” plant. Whenever the leaves are disturbed by humans, plants, insects, or even the wind, they immediately close, bend and become frail. Scientists believe that this could be a defence mechanism, but the effects are adverse. The energy that these plants must use to continuously open and close their leaves makes them need even more energy to survive.

Many of us live like this: when faced with a difficult situation, our immediate reaction is avoidance. Nowadays, people habitually hide their hearts and speak empty words. We talk about the weather, compliment each other, or even share jokes. We rarely talk about the things that are affecting us deeply. Whether there is hurt, loneliness, disappointment, fear, difficulties, sadness or joy, we all need family and friends with whom we can share our heart.

Exchange through communication gives the strength to overcome the difficulties we face. But rather than expressing their heart, some people prefer to be alone with their pets, surf the internet or play games. This is how they close their heart and become isolated. However, having a closed heart is like water that does not flow; it becomes a stagnant pool of unusable water that can only breed insects and bacteria. Lack of communication disrupts the flow of the heart and traps us within the boundaries of our own thoughts; only misery awaits us there.

On the other hand, when we express what is in our heart exactly, and listen to others, then we can have real and meaningful exchange. This exchange allows us to understand and accept the heart of others so that we can truly connect and change. But how can this change happen? Change does not happen through changing our appearance or even a determined resolution. We may modify our actions and appearance, but only when we OPEN our heart and CONNECT through conversation, can we truly CHANGE.

Stop living an exhausting life like the “touch-me-not” plant, struggling to exist and even hiding from the wind.


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