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We have all been there, the moment when we feel all hope is lost. Then comes the thought to just end it, we think everyone would be better off. The vast majority of us are able to dismiss those thoughts but some people were unable to. According to the World Health Organization, WHO global statistics, someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds. That is a very frightening reality.

So, there is a moment when depression and hopelessness become suicide. But how and why does this happen? Thoughts move around in our mind every day with many going as quickly as they come. However, some thoughts may stay and linger with us for a week. Other thoughts may stay with us, dig deep, spread roots and bear fruit. We all accept that suicide is bad but simply knowing that is not enough. When a certain negative thought has overpowered someone and begins to drag them, death can seem like the best way out.

When we reach that point of hopelessness and despair, it’s so easy for us to lay back into the darkness and long for the apparent peace of ending our lives. However, if at that moment someone can just share the pain they feel, If they could just expose the thoughts that seem unshareable, it can be the difference between life and death. At this point, the natural thought is that no one could possibly understand us. As far as we can tell, our situation is just too extreme. So, we analyse and predict the reaction of the people around us then live like that and assume this is the reality.

In many instances, persons at this point might have tried reaching out to others and have been scarred so they just give up on life. They conclude that people cannot be trusted and that there is no hope, so it is best to just remain isolated. However, if I am drinking water and start choking, I may be upset with water but I still have to bathe and drink water again. There are places where people with these thoughts can go, professionals who can be your guide away from the darkness.

Every day we live presents an opportunity to begin again. So as long as we have life, we have a chance to be released from the negative thoughts that pull us down. Even if we think about it, as hopeless as my life may seem, there is someone who could benefit from hearing how I overcome. Misery is not an unremovable stain, we can become happy. When the darkness calls we have a choice, let’s choose life!

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