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Everything our senses perceive for too long is eventually normalized – that’s a human thing. When we drive in a car you may notice we gradually stop hearing the sound of the engine; our brain treats it as background noise and it becomes “normal.” If we hear negative words often enough, they become also “normal” and affect the way we process new information.

We have an opinion of ourselves that is the sum of all the things we have heard repeatedly. If we hear that we are ugly often enough, we start to look at the world through ugly glasses. If we see or experience enough hurt, we may think that the world is only full of pain. If we see happiness, we can also conclude that everything in the world is happy.

Some people live life on the edge, diving into what may seem like scary situations and consider it fun. Others will try any type of food and in so doing will experience a full range of exotic and delicious foods but have to taste and reject some awful tasting ones. However, the fear of bitter foods doesn’t affect their search for the sweeter things in life, it reinforces it.

If we grew up seeing a lot of pain, the fear of being hurt could cripple us. But we can also, out of fear, push away happiness that comes knocking at the door of our heart. Many people live closed and sheltered lives because they are afraid of being hurt. Moving past this starts with a change of expectation.

Pain is not quicksand it is a stable platform that we climb to reach true happiness. Make a decision today to step up to growth!

There is nothing wrong with fear, it is good, but fear shouldn’t cripple us. Pain is a natural part of life, we need to learn what is painful and step up and move away. Experiencing it helps us recognize it. Avoiding pain altogether actually makes us more vulnerable. Children who grow up in sterile environments are more susceptible to diseases than one who didn’t.

Love is a beautiful thing, but one thing is sure, some degree of pain comes with it. Opening your heart to someone makes you vulnerable, but allows us to learn and grow. When we do exams, failure allows us to learn and improve. When we use our muscles, the stress of working them often causes them to tear. The healing process rebuilds them stronger than before. However, if they never get stressed or torn, they wither and weaken.

People you love may hurt you and that’s okay, it can make love stronger; avoiding hurt can kill that love. Put away the fear of being hurt and understand that just like muscles, it is a necessary element of growth. Don’t sit there nursing your pain, step up and grow because of it. If you have closed your heart and are hiding from being hurt, you are also hiding from growth.

Pain is not quicksand it is a stable platform that we climb to reach true happiness. Make a decision today to step up to growth!

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