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Self Control is the one thing everybody has but nobody has. It is the ability to tell yourself no, when facing a particular temptation or desire and actually follow through by not doing it. We all have some measure of self-control that comes from our cultural upbringing. None of us gets tempted by a desire to eat cockroaches, but to someone out there, they may be irresistible.

The ability to fight with and deny our own hearts is true self-control. There are people who can’t control their temper and others who can’t stop sleeping. Some find it hard to resist their favourite foods. Others just don’t exercise or do anything they don’t like. Self-control is also called discipline and athletes discipline their minds and bodies to perform and ignore pain.

Self control is the braking system for our desires. Nobody wants to drive a really fast car that has no brakes. No matter how fancy that car is, it would be a death-trap. To drive it comfortably at maximum speed, we would need complete trust in the braking system. It is natural for us to have desires, the problem occurs when there is no limit, no brakes to control these desires.

We can’t just do things because we want to, or don’t do things because we don’t want to. There are many other considerations. How many times have you felt like sleeping for a week, or running away from everything and everyone? Reality often demands that we deny what we want and challenge ourselves to do the things we don’t. People who have no self-control are a danger to themselves and everyone around them: a car without brakes.

It’s time to ask, can I really control myself?

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