Redefining 'Me'


It always starts with who I think I am: that determines what I attempt and what I walk away from. Let’s say I am about to start a 100-metre race, but I notice that the lineup is with Usain Bolt and athletes at his level, more than likely I would just walk away. I can never win, so why bother. Why run if I can’t win?

We do that with a lot of things in life. We think, “I’m not pretty enough, I have too many weaknesses,” or simply conclude that it won’t work. However, this thought is not true because everyday heroes include people with disabilities who have physical limitations but a heart that has no limitations.

For example, Alex Lewis lost his limbs after suffering from flu-like symptoms that turned out to be a critical bacterial infection. A particular strain of bacteria entered his body and began attacking it from within. The result: he lost both arms and both legs. Most people would want to die. What’s the point, right? I mean, one limb is not a problem, but all four! However, Alex embraced his new normal and kept on living. Without limbs, he takes showers by himself, plays often with his son and wife, and has even gone skydiving.

We have a chance every day: a chance to live and be more than we allow ourselves. It is not about winning it is about the moment…

Going back to the 100-metre race; we would walk away because we think the objective is to win. What if we are missing the point? What if we consider, “how did I end up in a race with Usain Bolt? Well, I’m going to run for all its worth and I’m going to enjoy every minute of this.”

In 2015, Andreas Lubitz, a co-pilot, crashed a plane with 150 passengers on board. It is said that he was depressed because he was going blind. On the contrary, Stevie Wonder is blind and is an amazing musician. His handicap did not deter him from becoming successful. Alex lost both hands and legs and he is living better than many of us. He just shifted his focus and became thankful for a chance to live. Wherever we point our heart, our life will surely follow. Alex saw a chance and he took it.

We have a chance every day: a chance to live and be more than we allow ourselves. It is not about winning; it is about the moment. Regardless of what our physical limitations may be, we can change how we define ourselves and be thankful we are in the race.

If we just look around, we have so much to be thankful for. Every day is another chance to be more than we are now, let’s redefine ourselves and dive into that chance.

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