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Have you ever owned up to something you can’t manage? Perception and reality are often very different. Have you ever looked in a mirror and been shocked at how you’ve changed: “Oh no! I had red pepper on my front teeth for the entire meeting!” Or, “I look so, fat! When did that happen?”

People generally don’t like to admit what they can’t manage. We want to show our strong side and seem in control. Showing your weakness makes you vulnerable and nobody wants that. Unfortunately, strong people don’t need help. By doing that we are pushing away the help that we may need.

We have all been deceived and disappointed: that is a fact of life. Oftentimes, for protection, we decide that we can trust no-one but ourselves. Living like this is extremely dangerous. We trust that we are in control and can manage our desires. People may say, “ME! I’m not addicted to my phone. I just use it when I need to, but SOME PEOPLE need help.”

Think about it, when your smartphone makes a sound, how strong is the urge to look at it, even when you shouldn’t? What if it is in silent mode, do you constantly check it, for new messages? A recent study showed that people touch their phones over 60 times a day averaging 5 minutes each time; even while driving. That’s 5 waking hours focussed at a phone. Is that you, and isn’t that a problem?

That is naturally lack of self control. Someone who is addicted to their phone, may not even be aware they are, to them it’s nornal. Without knowing it, they can’t get help from others. Smartphone addiction is really dangerous because like any other addiction, it starts with and encourages isolation.

Many people will say, I’m communicating with people through my phone. But what about the people around you, like your family. What about the other drivers when you text and drive? When we think we know ourselves, misery comes first and it can lead to death. That is the seriousness of phone addiction. Still think you’re not addicted? Try a phone diet test and limit your usage. If even the thought scares you, or you start making excuses, you may have a problem.

True wisdom is knowing your shortcomings and being open to people around you who can help. We all need people to help us be more than we think we are.

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