Half Empty?


It is always a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Is the glass half empty or is it half full? Unfortunately, the human heart seemingly prefers to accentuate the negative. We often hear that we need to have a positive mind. A positive mindset leads us to look at our situation and say, “We still have a half cup left!” Yet even a positive mindset has a limit, what happens when we reach it?

Positive and negative mindsets seem entirely different, but they are two sides of the same coin. No matter how you look at the cup, half-empty or half-full, it’s the same amount of water. Sure, we can be positive! We usually have supportive people encouraging us to be satisfied and thankful. “Endure”, they say, and we might try, however in the end, it still is just a half-glass of water, and for many, it’s all about the water they can see.

However, there is a rare mindset, and it ignores both the glass AND the water. It is called faith and presents endless possibilities. With faith, the cup can have any size, and the amount of water is limitless. Faith changes our interpretation of what we see and creates new horizons. Some may say, they are not poor, but when the situation overcomes them, their heart sinks into poverty.

Everything looks different through the eyes of faith, and it ushers us into a world where there IS a way even when “the how” eludes us. Many youths struggle because they conclude they are miserable. How we view situations determines how we handle them. So when this thought overwhelms them, and the world appears to show them evidence, their hearts collapse.

Everything looks different through the eyes of faith, and it ushers us into a world where there IS a way even when “the how” eludes us….

World War II veteran, Louis Zamperini and crew members Russell Allen Phillips and Francis McNamara, spent several weeks adrift at sea in a pair of lifeboats after their plane crashed. Naturally, they wanted to survive, in that dire situation, a positive mindset could only take them so far. McNamara held on but perished 33 days later. Louis and Phillips were determined that to make it and against the odds, they survived and were discovered after drifting for 47 days.

We encourage each other to be positive all the time, but that has a limit. Like McNamara, it is easy to spiral into hopelessness and succumb to the situation. Who can blame us when all we see is the glass and the water? Beyond this, there is only despair: the situation is unlikely to change to suit us. However, a mind with faith, allows us to enter a world with multiple outcomes.

Why do we have to accept only what we see? Why is it impossible because it looks that way? Think the unthinkable, try the impossible. The glass is half full, but there’s so much more than that: the possibilities are endless!

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