[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″ id=”” class=”post-content” style=””][text_output]Change happens when we apply a new approach, or when we do something different from the way we did it before. Hunters say that animals in the wild are predictable, they always follow the same path. Predators follow the path of their prey and their prey follow the path where they usually find food. Once a hunter finds that path and sets a trap on there, they can catch that animal.

Humans also have paths which are called habits or instincts, and we follow them without question. Instincts are familiar and comfortable ways that protect us and bring minimal stress. These habits can be harmful; however, since they are stress-free, we just follow them. We use phrases like, “I’ll just keep it to myself” or “I’ll just do it myself” because they point to a comfortable path.  Unfortunately, change never comes by following habits or instincts because it is still our own opinion, nothing new.

We trust our instincts every day; however, pilots must deny their instincts and trust the instruments in the aeroplane. One day an aeroplane was seen flying normally; suddenly, it started to behave strangely. It began to flop around in the sky and started to fall. All the passengers on board were frantic as one engine failed and it continued to fall rapidly. Eventually, after some struggle, the pilots regained control of the plane and it landed safely. Only a few passengers suffered minor injuries.

An investigation later revealed that the pilots were at fault. The plane had experienced turbulence and, in a panic, they trusted their instincts and ignored the flight manuals and instruments. Trusting our instincts is normally automatic, but in this case, doing that is a bad idea. You may have been trusting your instincts and it has worked so far, that is why you trust them. These pilots must have done this before and it worked, so they trusted their instincts. However, trusting your instincts without checking the facts, can lead to isolation and disaster.

Instead of trusting what we think and know, we need to learn to check the facts and be guided by the truth. If we look at clouds long enough we will see familiar figures, but they are still just…clouds. The greatest change occurs when we to learn to check the facts and not rely on our best guess or instinct. Would you trust your life to a pilot who ONLY trusts his instincts? Why do you continually trust your life to your own instincts?

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