Legs to Wings: Out of Despair


August 20, 2020

We all face undesirable situations that can even plunge us into despair at times. How do we overcome these situations? During Episode 10 of the IYF Youth Talk Show, the topic ‘Out of Despair: Legs to Wings,’ was discussed, giving insight into how we can break free from this despair.

The Guest Speaker for the evening was Minister Orrion Moodie, Mind Education Lecturer and Mentor in the International Youth Fellowship. Minister Moodie encountered numerous difficulties in his teenage and young adult life. After his mother and father separated, he rebelled a lot by bleaching his hair and stealing money among many other things. He eventually started smoking, which impacted his work life and even the relationship with his family members. He then hit his lowest point when he was convicted for possession of and dealing marijuana. Through this situation, he could acknowledge that he needed a mentor to guide his life. He found this mentor in the International Youth Fellowship. He was connected to heart of God through the Word in Hebrews 10:14, which says, “For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are sanctified.” Even though he didn’t look perfect in his own eyes, through the guidance of his mentor, he could believe this Word and become free from all the situations that had bound him. Now he is living a completely different life – one that he could never expect.

How about you? We all have our struggles, but the Word of God is sufficient to overcome all. It has the power to transform us from caterpillars to butterflies and transform our legs to wings, giving us strength to break free from the cocoons of life and be able to fly above the circumstances.


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