Are You Really Free?


August 13, 2020

Amidst ‘Emancipendence’ Celebrations, the IYF Youth Talk Show hosted it’s 9th episode, where the topic of discussion was “Are you really free?”. We were joined by two very distinguished guests who shared their perspectives on the topic: Leneka Rhoden, Ms. Kingston & St. Andrew Festival Queen; and Alaine Laughton, Reggae Singer and Song Writer. In addition, Mind Education Specialist, Noel Esty, delivered the main lecture on the topic.

Leneka mentioned that freedom is subjective and hinges on what we are willing to give up. It is not okay to do what we want to do without considering the consequences, because there certainly will be consequences. More than what we think, freedom actually comes at a price and through much struggle, in the same way that our forefathers fought for our freedom. Leneka believes that she is quite free mentally because she gets to do what she is truly passionate about. However, she wasn’t able to accomplish her dreams alone. She was able to lean on the wisdom of others and be guided by her Professors and other mentors. More than anything she believes that to succeed, you have to be someone that can be mentored – you have to need and trust the guidance you receive.

In order to be free from our thoughts and sin, we have to learn and trust God’s Word and His promises.

Alaine continued on the topic, pointing out the importance of mentorship in achieving her goals. She certainly did not attain her accomplishments independent of the help of others. As the African proverb states, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”

Alaine also mentioned that freedom is not just about doing as you want; in fact, the discipline that comes with being a Christian is the greatest freedom one can ever have. It is indeed a blessing and not a restriction, as it protects us from so many things that bring hurt and pain eventually.

The Guest Speaker, Mr. Esty, later spoke about mental freedom. He indicated that we are often trapped and bound in our minds by the thoughts and expectations placed on us. Further, sin and condemnation bind our hearts. In order to be free from our thoughts and sin, we have to learn and trust God’s Word and His promises. He promised to be together with us; and that He has forgiven our sins. Believing this will allow us to be free from our thoughts, burdens and sins. Ultimately, the greatest freedom is trusting God with your life and your future.

What are thoughts from reading this article? Can you now say that you are truly free?


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