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June 28, 2019

For the past few Saturdays leading up to this year’s epic event, our 2019 IYF World Camp, we have been gathering volunteers and having Workshops at our headquarters in Kingston. So far the journey has been nothing short of tremendous as our volunteers gather week after week to prepare.

At our first few workshops, the volunteers were introduced to IYF through many activities such as games, dances, songs, and many more. These activities were led by our local volunteers who went overseas on our GoodNews Corps (GNC) program. Everyone soon grew closer especially after listening to the Mindset Education lectures. Through these lectures, the volunteers were being reminded that with the eyes of hope, every situation becomes different, even the most impossible ones.


Overcoming Different Situations, We Become Stronger And Happier…

Leading up to world camp, our volunteers had chosen which department they would like to try their hands at. It was amazing to see how engaged our volunteers were and we believe that together, this 2019 World Camp will be the greatest!

The message that is being constantly shared with our volunteers is about changing our perception. When volunteering, those who say they can’t do something will never be able to experience something new. However those who can change their perception, challenge themselves and work together with others will be able to see great results.

As we live, we must learn to break free from our fixed mindset. We can be able to receive a joy much greater than we could even imagine! As the countdown continues, we can see the hearts of our volunteers transforming so beautifully as they join us week after week to prepare. IYF World Camp here we come!

You too can be a volunteer! Contact Us or Visit Us at our different locations.

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IYF 2019 World Camp: Building The Future One Youth At A Time.

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