Join us on AUG 20th for 3 days at the NATIONAL ARENA, Kgn for the youth event of the year!

Building the Future in


Register now and reserve your seat for this year’s World Camp, the largest youth development in Jamaica, covering everything you need to know in order to become leaders of tomorrow.


This year’s World Camp is all about learning from the speaker’s experience, sharing enthusiasm with like minded professionals.

We’ll focus on the necessary steps towards youth developmentbut we’ll also touch subjects like leadership and teamwork.

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Team Building

Activities designed to
stimulate cohesion
and challenge
self-imposed limitations.

Academy - IYF World Camp


Real, practical knowledge.
These remarkable sessions will motivate, enlighten and move you.

cultural performance - IYF World Camp 2016

Performing Arts

These performances are
powerful experiences,
showcasing our global community

spiritual - IYF World Camp 2016

Life Counseling

Learn from each other.
Great conversations.
Strong friendships.
Diverse backgrounds


The Award-winning Gracias Choir has advanced the choral music landscape for the past 15+ years. And with their recent First Prize at the most prestigious choir music competition in the world, Gracias Choir is officially the best choral music group in the world.

Other Performances


Come learn the many opportunities offered for volunteering, and a thorough explanation about the upcoming 2019 IYF World Camp in Jamaica.

Prepare and manage academies for the World Camp. Eg.) Invite guest lecturers, create IYF Academy display boards, prepare for Academy class

  • Office work including writing letters, making phone calls, holding regular team meetings.
  • Organizing focus groups with high school students from around New York City and Long Island.
  • Interviewing and holding discussions on current youth problems.
  • Working closely with high school students.

Help design and build various mediums for events before and during the World Camp. Eg.) World Camp bulletin board, venue signs, etc.

  • Planning the concept of the Symposium and topics that will be addressed.
  • Securing venues for Leadership Symposiums in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island
  • Creating the Symposium program and how it will be run.

Volunteers in the Leadership Symposium Team will engage in a project that goes throughout the year as we train teens into leaders through a new approach.

Volunteers for the Prep Team will assist in all pre-event planning and preparation, whether it be anything from office jobs to going out in the field to promote the World Camp.

  • Meeting with school officials, non-profit youth organizations, and government-run youth bureaus to:
  • Present our organization and programs
  • Gain support and partnerships
  • Invite panel members and student participants for the Symposium

Contact and collaborate with sponsors who will be able to support the World Camp. Eg.) Camp fundraising, donation, sponsorship

Preparing for World Camp VIPs. Eg.) Ushering, reception, invite VIPs

Promote World Camp through all types of media. Eg.) SNS, Press Release, video production, homepage administration


The World Camp features experienced professionals for this year’s edition, which come from different backgrounds but hold the same high level wisdom regarding mindset development. From design and development to business and strategy everyone will have the opportunity to learn something useful.

Pastor Ock Soo Park


Founder of IYF

During the past 50 years of my ministry, whenever I saw hearts flow between parents, children, and friends, what formed was hope; hope to discover happiness and the depths of the heart. People who become isolated fall into their own thoughts and are rendered weak in mind, as well as in spirit. My dream for IYF is that it allows young people to open up their hearts and learn to accept the people around them. This will lead to happiness and the longing to create happiness for others.


The World Camp is a tremendous opportunity for your brand to show up in front of your potential customers as a honorable sponsor. You could have access to a well segmented target audience and benefit from all the business opportunities which something like that could bring your company. For more information about sponsorship conditions give us a call.

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Event Location

  • Arthur Wint Dr, Kingston
  • + 1 876 759 9688

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