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I Am Sorry!

Apologising is rarely easy. In many cases, the words associated with apologies end us another cliche. You know, like, “How are you doing?” People ask but never wait for a response. Relationships of whatever kind will produce arguments. Both sides are insisting that they are right and the other is wrong. However, when the truth comes, apologising is difficult, and it is rare to find a heart that is genuinely apologetic.Read more

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The Perfectionist Disease

We can all agree that nobody likes to stress. If we had a choice we would want everything to flow smoothly. We see it in some movies and laugh. Everybody loves each other, and suddenly everybody knows the song or all the moves to the dance perfectly. However, the real world is far from perfect, it rarely ever goes like that: movie characters are extremely lucky, or it is just not real.Read more

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Is Arguing Okay?

Arguments are normal, and they happen to everyone. From siblings to spouses, with enemies and friends. However, they are more painful when it’s with people we care about, especially when it is someone we spend a lot of time with. Oftentimes we conclude that if they change it would be so much better. Yes, that’s right: if THEY change. Clearly, THEY are the problem, and we are doing our best..Read more

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What Is True Love?

LOVE: it is the substance of music, poetry and drama. Wars have been fought for it and people have chosen to die for lack of it. It is regarded as the cure for pain and misery; a tonic that lifts our lives to heavenly bliss. When we separate fantasy and reality, we find that most people do not understand this common emotion.Read more

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Does Everybody Have to like Me?

Do you feel like you need the approval of the people around you all the time? In school, we were in constant competition to be the top of the class, secretly envying the persons getting the recognition.Read more

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Rediscovering Patience

Patience and prudence are much more rewarding, physically and mentally. We need to rediscover the satisfaction that comes with waiting. Patience will also minimize stress caused by the silly mistakes we make through careless and impulsive actions.Read more

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