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I Am Sorry!

Apologising is rarely easy. In many cases, the words associated with apologies end us another cliche. You know, like, “How are you doing?” People ask ...
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The Perfectionist Disease

We can all agree that nobody likes to stress. If we had a choice we would want everything to flow smoothly. We see it in ...
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Is Arguing Okay?

Arguments are normal, and they happen to everyone. From siblings to spouses, with enemies and friends. However, they are more painful when it’s with people ...
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What Is True Love?

LOVE: it is the substance of music, poetry and drama. Wars have been fought for it and people have chosen to die for lack of ...
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Does Everybody Have to like Me?

Do you feel like you need the approval of the people around you all the time? In school, we were in constant competition to be ...
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Rediscovering Patience

Patience and prudence are much more rewarding, physically and mentally. We need to rediscover the satisfaction that comes with waiting. Patience will also minimize stress ...
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