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The Hero Within

A famous author once said, “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” What determines whether we are called a hero or a coward is what we do when faced with a challenge. The starting point is the same, so we are all scared and we all worry. What makes the difference is what we do next….Read more

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Living Beyond the Ordinary

What do we live for? Animals are physically not different from us, they are born and have stress, have families and then die. Human beings are supposed to be different, we are supposed to leave an imprint on the world. There should be some meaning to our lives and some way that we lived above a normal animal-like existence. If not, we are just like a dead fish, being swept around by circumstances and never pushing back…Read more

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Anger is Normal, Rage Isn’t

There is a big difference between anger and rage. Anger is normal and expected, rage, however, is uncontrolled anger and often results in violence. It is a mystery why something will anger one person and not another. Some people conclude that they have a short fuse so they get upset for almost anything. That explanation may sound reasonable, but there is another explanation….Read more

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It’s Not That Complicated

When we look at the general state of our youth, the future seems bleak. We do have some focused young people, but they are in the minority. Many teachers will tell you that young people nowadays don’t want to learn. The most significant struggle in the classroom is getting them to focus; learning material is the least of their challenges. Not only schools, but many parents will say, apart from their child, the future looks uncertain…Read more

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Maybe it is human nature when we fix to a certain way of doing things we do not want to change. The thought of discarding the energy we used so far seems too much. We would prefer to continue, as we are, with improvements. In other words, try to make it work. There are many ways to do things; and we like the one that is working for us — our familiar way.Read more

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Feelings or Facts?

[text_output]It is often said that girls are emotional and they, “wear their hearts on their sleeves.” A phrase which means their hearts are exposed and ...
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