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The Hero Within

A famous author once said, “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” What determines whether we are ...
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Living Beyond the Ordinary

What do we live for? Animals are physically not different from us, they are born and have stress, have families and then die. Human beings ...
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Anger is Normal, Rage Isn’t

There is a big difference between anger and rage. Anger is normal and expected, rage, however, is uncontrolled anger and often results in violence. It ...
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It’s Not That Complicated

When we look at the general state of our youth, the future seems bleak. We do have some focused young people, but they are in ...
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Maybe it is human nature when we fix to a certain way of doing things we do not want to change. The thought of discarding ...
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Feelings or Facts?

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