IYF Mentorship Programme

The IYF Mentorship Programme (IYFMP) provides the platform to train and link positive men and women across Jamaica to youth who need the benefit of their experience.

The IYFMP separates itself from other programmes as specialized mindset education training is provided for the mentors to use as a guide in their mentorship.


We are facing a real and global problem: the youth don’t have proper role models.

Parents are busy running the rat race, unable to provide enough care and the people the youth admire are usually those who emphasize fast money and transitory success.

We need real role models mentors like you to be there for our youth.


Adults often tell children to do the right thing but it usually backfires. Telling children what to do simply does not work. They want to obey but they are pulled by many distractions. They need strength to go in the direction they want.

The body gains strength from nutrition, rest and exercise. The Heart obtains strength from a MENTOR who cares.



Mentors trained through the IYF Mentorship Programme (IYFMP) will become national and community resource persons; the positive role models that are currently unavailable.

Persons who are already mentors would be trained to handle real issues in a way that truly benefits the youth of our country.

Mindset Education Specialists

Members will be trained to handle the real issues facing youth, including, how to identify and treat the issues affecting the heart of the youth today.

The support of the IYF Global Network

Members will have the support of the Global IYF Mentorship network and access to all the resources available through the IYF.

Annual Workshops

The IYF will host annual workshops to ensure that all IYF Mentors are current with the best practices developed within the IYF global network.



There are three (03) levels of IYF Mentors.

Any suitably qualified person could become an IYF Mentor and attain a particular level.

With continuation training, experience, and certification, you could progress to the highest level.

The three levels of IYF Mentors are as follow:


This is the highest IYF Mentor Level in our Mentorship team.

The highest level and will include mentors who have a minimum of 2 years experience as an IYF mentor. They would also need to complete the entire suite of training workshops and provide support for other mentors.


This is the second level for the IYF Mentor in our Mentorship Team.

Mentors in this group would have completed the Basic IYF Training and would also need at least 2 years experience as a mentor.


This is the first level for the IYF Mentor in our Mentorship Team.

Members of this group includes new mentors who have completed the Basic IYFMP Training.

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