About World Camp

The moment you join IYF World Camp, you know you’ve never experienced anything like it. Our dynamic Christian-based programs bring young people to life in a powerful way. It challenges you to go beyond your normal limitations. As you transition from the classroom to the real world, IYF World Camp will help you set a solid foundation for leadership, Establish strong spiritual roots, Global awareness, and intercultural tolerance.

Team Building

Activities designed to stimulate cohesion and challenge self-imposed limitations


Real, practical knowledge. These remarkable sessions will motivate, enlighten and move you

Performing Arts

These performances are powerful experiences, showcasing our global community

Life Counseling

Learn from each other. Great conversations. Strong friendships. Diverse backgrounds

Real People . Real Stories


Ashani Edwards

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My IYF World Camp Experience

My first experience at the World Camp is one I definitely won't forget. Through the IYF I realised that I can do things that I once thought I would never be able to. It was the first time I was able to stand in front of such a huge crowd and speak, and that moment changed my life completely.


Chadwick Steele

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My IYF World Camp Experience

Being an introvert, the tagline ``Challenge . Change . Cohesion``, really meant something significant to me because even after leaving the World Camp, I found myself challenging myself and working with many others daily. The Mind Lectures really stuck with me alot and through IYF I am learning alot and the world can be changed together ina positive way,


Kayla Minott

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My IYF World Camp Experience

When I attended my first IYF World Camp, I found it very difficult because there were so many new faces. I personally felt it very burdensome to interact with other students. As much as I didn't want to, I eventually broke out of myself and pushed myself out to others. After I did this I felt so happy. Making friends at school and other places became so much easier and less burdensome.

Why Should I Attend?

IYF World Camp brings together spiritual leaders, certified mind education specialists, and hundreds of your peers for four days of fun, inspiration, innovation, culture, and fellowship. These four days will educate, challenge, and transform you.

scavenger hunt - IYF World Camp 2016

Scavenger Hunt

An IYF World Camp tradition that fuels teamwork and communication. You’ll walk away with a deep value for each other's strengths, weaknesses, talents, and personalities.


Group Activities

Discover the power of being together and how to effectively connect with others from challenges to fellowship sessions, you’ll uncover happiness is only real when shared.

Games - IYF World Camp

Fun Challenges

Designed to build strong hearts that are open to accepting the wisdom of others. Make meaningful connections and create future leaders who can motivate, earn trust, and foster change.

Marathon - IYF World Camp

Mini Marathon

A great metaphor for life and all its possibilities. As runners reach their breaking point, they think of giving up. But, once they get past that limitation, they experience a different race.


Led by experienced professionals. These sessions are designed to deep dive into a verity of engaging topics. Discover new talents, interests, and skills. Walk away enlightened and informed.
  • Tae Kwan Do

  • Cooking

  • Photography

  • Financial Management

  • Music

  • Dance

  • Bible Studies

  • Home Improvement

lecture - IYF World Camp 2016

Leadership Development

Hear from the best, up close and in depth. Bold, powerful talks from remarkable individuals, sharing their secrets, life transforming stories and explore the true center of leadership: the heart.

cultural performance - IYF World Camp 2016

Music & Culture

Despite our differences in language, tradition, or ethnicity; These awe-inspiring performances have the power to unite the hearts of everyone. IYF Wolrd Camp brings the world together onstage.

spiritual - IYF World Camp 2016

Spiritual Development

An IYF World Camp tradition that fuels teamwork and communication. You’ll walk away with a deep value for each other's strengths, weaknesses, talents, and personalities.

counselling - IYF World Camp 2016

Fellowship & Life Counseling

Connect with your peers in inspiring and creative ways that nurture mental and spiritual growth. Discover your full potential, meet new people, share ideas and learn from one another.


The Mico University College

1A Marescaux Rd

What To Pack

Below is a list of items that are recommended for you to pack for World Culture Camp.

  • Bible

  • Notebook & Writing Instruments

  • Water Bottle

  • Modest clothing

  • Sneakers & Socks

  • Back Pack


You may bring your personal gadgets such as digital camera and/or other electronic devices; however, please note that the IYF is not responsible for misplaced or stolen items. We will, however, have a Lost & Found area set up on the campsite.

How to Apply

Registration Options:

  1. At the IYF Centre (Kgn), 63B Deanery Road, Kgn 3.
  2. Online: REGISTER

Payment Options:

  1. National Commercial Bank
    Account No. – 234266063 (US$)
    NCB Account No. – 231059113 (JA$)
    *Please specify the name of payee/attendee.
  2. At the IYF Centre (Kgn), 63B Deanery Road, Kgn 3.

Other Information:

Complete the online application and pay your camp fee to secure your reservation.

Cancellation before May 20th, entitles you to a 50% refund of the camp fee paid.

* For special needs (such as Dietary or Health concerns), PLEASE ADVISE US before the camp, ideally by May 15th.

** WE WILL NOT accept liability for any lost items.

Camp Fee

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