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At IYF, nothing stops us from opening, connecting, and changing. We may not be able to meet in person, but the 2020 IYF Online World Camp is an exciting opportunity to experience IYF in a brand-new way. 

And we got you covered—you’ll still get the same exciting IYF academies, show-stopping dances and music, and life-changing talks that will help you navigate your heart when you’re feeling overwhelmed. So, get set up, log on to IYF Online World Camp, and see the World Connected together.




Seasoned professionals from around the US will introduce you to a variety of fun topics that you can participate in from home. Discover your passion and maybe even a career. It’s time to level up!




Prominent individuals take the time to inspire you to think deeper, push farther, and never give up even though life may throw tough obstacles your way. You will have a wide range of speakers to choose from each day.




We wish we could perform for you in person, but #dancersgonnadance, and the award-winning American Dream dance team is prepping tons of dances you can follow along with at home, as well as amazing culture dances.



Suicide rates and the number of youth diagnosed with a mental disorder are the highest they have ever been. People in modern society lack the mindset to challenge themselves, to communicate with others, and to receive guidance from the right mentors. In order to be healthy both mentally and emotionally, people must acquire the tools needed to navigate the obstacles that they encounter deep within their hearts. IYF is ready to address these problems by providing people with the resources needed to navigate their hearts in order to find paths that will lead them to live brighter, stable, and healthier lives.

About Main Speaker

Pastor ock soo Park

Pastor Ock Soo Park has changed lives since 1962 through a deep exploration of spiritual life and human behavior. Pastor Park has leveraged his 55+ years of global mission work, individual/relationship counseling, youth development, prison outreach, and fundamentalist Gospel evangelism to author 67 sermon and self-development books. These publications have transformed lives as go-to tools for leaders from all sectors. Pastor Park is recognized by national governments for his spirit-first approach to educating young people—he holds the title of Spiritual Advisor to several sitting Presidents and former heads of state.

He currently oversees several global organizations including International Youth Fellowship, Good News TV, Christian Leaders Fellowship, and Ministers of Youth World Forum. His goal is to help each person he meets discover the world of their own heart and a clear path to their future. Pastor Park embodies the core aspects of a master craftsman: care, passion, hands-on experience, relentlessness, and a heart to share knowledge and wisdom with others.


Scavenger Hunt

Are you bored? Nothing to do at home? Wait until you hear about this!

At the 2020 IYF Online World Camp you can participate in the afternoon program called the Amazing Race which is an online scavenger hunt where you can make new friends as you experience visiting many famous places around the world.



It’s time to put theory to practice! Collaborate with your group to develop a presentation on a specific topic that has to do with mindfulness, empathy, and exploring the “world of your heart”.


Breakout Sessions

We’ll put you in small groups with a few IYF leaders so you can share your heart, open up about your struggles, and receive guidance and advice that will set you up for a bright and connected future.

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