Legs to Wings: Out of Despair

IYF Youth Talk

We all face undesirable situations that can even plunge us into despair at times. How do we overcome these situations? During Episode 10 of the IYF Youth Talk Show, the topic ‘Out of Despair: Legs to Wings,’ was discussed, giving insight into how we can break free from this despair.

Are You Really Free?

IYF Youth Talk

TALK SHOW EP 09 | Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp Share on email Amidst ‘Emancipendence’ Celebrations, the IYF Youth Talk Show hosted it’s 9th episode, where the topic of discussion was “Are you really free?”. We were joined by two very distinguished guests who shared their perspectives on the topic: Leneka […]

IYF Youth Talk EP08 – Levels of the Mind

IYF Youth Talk

“In order to find your destination, you first have to identify your current location.” We may have heard this saying before, but have we ever pondered how it relates to our mindset. People have different levels of mindset that determine how happily and successfully our lives unfold, depending on where we are. Through Episode 8 of the IYF Youth Talk Show, participants could reflect on the level of mindset with which they are currently living, as we continued to discuss the topic: Developing a Strong and Healthy Mindset, with specific focus on the classes of the mind.

Developing a Strong and Healthy Mindset

IYF Youth Talk

TALK SHOW EP 07 | Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp Share on email Have you ever thought about how healthy your mind is? It is usually much easier to see and take care of our physical health, but the health of our minds is intangible and often neglected. However, it is […]

Am I a Good Listener?

IYF Youth Talk

TALK SHOW EP 06 | Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp Share on email “Am I a good listener?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? The truth is, rather than listening to others, most of us want to be heard. Through episode 6 of the IYF Youth Talk Show, held under […]

Legs to Wings: Breaking out of the Cocoon

IYF Youth Talk

Have you ever wished you were a butterfly so that you could fly away from all your problems? During Episode 5 of the IYF Youth Talk Show, discussions were driven based on the topic, ‘Legs to Wings,’ leading participants to realize that this way of thinking was contrary to the way butterflies live. That is, before a butterfly is able to fly, it lives as a caterpillar. As it transforms into a butterfly, it endures a lot of difficulties while breaking out of the cocoon. This helps to strengthen its wings so that it is able to fly. As a butterfly, it just doesn’t fly away, but carries out the very important process of pollinating flowers so that life on earth can continue. In the same way, the difficulties we are experiencing right now are preparing us to have strong minds that can soar above many challenges. This will ultimately prepare us to live for a higher purpose and benefit the lives of others.

IYF Youth Talk EP04 – Resilience

IYF Youth Talk EP4 - Resilience

Most of us can probably list all the negatives that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our lives with little effort. However, one thing that this has taught us is that true connection surpasses physical boundaries – it occurs through the heart. Even though the participants of the IYF Youth Talk Show were separated by distance and time, that didn’t stop us from connecting, sharing our hearts and having a good time.

IYF Youth Talk EP03

IYF Youth Talk EP3 - Freedom

There are so many of us that couldn’t wait until we became 18 years old to enjoy the freedom of doing what we want to do. However, when we arrived and started living our own lives, we are faced with some unexpected challenges and we realize that it’s much harder than we thought.

IYF Youth Talk EP02

IYF Youth Talk EP2 - Desire and Self Control

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp Share on email TALK SHOW | The Youth Talk Show is a youth engagement programme created by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF), a Christian youth organization focused on sowing the seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the hearts of youths locally and internationally. The […]


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