What Do We Live For?


Since we were children growing up, we have been programmed to follow the track of this world. As children, it is simple to us; we study, do our homework, pass our exams and make our parents proud. The rest is pretty straightforward, one day we will go to college, do well there too and prepare for a lucrative career.

Once we leave college, we will meet that special someone, get married and start a new life with our partner. Together, we will build a home, maybe not physically, have a few beautiful kids and be happy. As youth bursting into adulthood, we often imagined ourselves on vacation with the kids, just like the other families that we admire.

All of this sounds great, but many people end up living a life that was imposed on them. In 2012, Bronnie Ware published her memoirs in a book called, “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” It was about her time spent tending to the needs of those who were dying. She recounts that their number one regret was that they didn’t live the life they wanted.

The real source of happiness is a purpose-driven life. When life seems like a repeating series of predictable activities, then we lack a clear purpose.

Jason Lee, the CEO and co-founder of Jubilee Media, found this single regret very touching. He ultimately walked away from a profitable Wall Street career to do YouTube videos. His purpose, he felt, was to highlight the cause of those who needed a voice; a bold move that revealed a purpose.

Unfortunately, many youths aren’t that lucky, many live a dream that is imposed on them; often by their parents.

All of this makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What is YOUR passion? Are you doing what you love or what is expected of you? Are we dead fish just drifting downstream, or live fish swimming against the current? The real source of happiness is a purpose-driven life. When life seems like a repeating series of predictable activities, then we lack a clear purpose.

What is your purpose? What drives you? Stop and check yourself. What makes you get up and go each morning? You can shake the world, you can leave an imprint and make yourself happier and healthier too.

Just find your purpose and drive towards it.

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