[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″ id=”” class=”post-content” style=””][text_output]It seems like being alone is the new normal. Studies show that over time, the number of friends we have has been decreasing while the amount of floor space we demand in our homes has been increasing. Everybody wants their own private space, now everyone likes being alone. This solitude is often accomplished with cell phones and it is now a rare thing to have a conversation with the next person in the line at the bank. We arrive as strangers and leave as strangers.

The world is gradually becoming more selfish. Of course, we can get away with this when all is well. However, what about when difficulties arise, and without a doubt, difficulties WILL come. As it stands, most of us will be alone when this happens, so what will we do? You can have fun alone for sure, but when difficulty comes, being alone is the last thing you want. Fun is momentary but happiness is an extended state, which one are we?

It is not difficult for someone to be led astray by their own bias and be unaware that they have left the correct path. That is less likely when we have another opinion, another person uninfluenced by your biases, who can keep you on track. In a relationship, like a marriage, one spouse exists to complement the other. The weakness of one is completed by the strength of the other. For example, women are afraid of lizards or cockroaches, men will normally come to their rescue. Women, on the contrary, are excellent multi-taskers and cook better than men; they depend on each other.

Actually, no-one likes being alone but we have managed to convince ourselves that we do. Our primary reason being that just can’t manage stress in any form. Stress will come in EVERY relationship because when different people collide there will be differences. We don’t believe that anyone is quiet, they just haven’t found someone to trust. Many of us struggle with the idea of being misfits and so we end up being isolated.

True happiness is best when we have someone beside us to share it with. When we stumble we need someone to help us up. Someone to tell us when we are being stupid or help us up when we lose hope. Every joke is better when there is someone to share it with. Especially at the times when we are convinced that we are the world’s biggest misfits, we need a friend there to always help us up.

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