Living Beyond the Ordinary


What do we live for? Animals are physically not different from us, they are born and have stress, have families and then die. Human beings are supposed to be different, we are supposed to leave an imprint on the world. There should be some meaning to our lives and some way that we lived above a normal animal-like existence. If not, we are just like a dead fish, being swept around by circumstances and never pushing back.

People who live above the ordinary are often regarded as crazy or weird, but the way they live always influences the others around them. Every hero does something nobody else wants to or thinks of doing. They take risks by putting fear aside and throwing caution to the wind. But, are they crazy for taking risks or are we crazy for avoiding them?

“A Man who was Superman” is a South Korean movie released in 2008 and it tells the story of Hyuk-Suk Lee. He saw the movie, Superman with his father when he was a child, and his father told him that if he counted to 100 he, his father, would become Superman. His father was later killed during a protest and he was shot in the head. Somehow he survived with the bullet lodged in his brain.

People who live above the ordinary are often regarded as crazy or weird, but the way they live always influences the others around them.

Tragedy struck again when he was an adult, his wife and child died in a car accident. His wife died first, but before his daughter died, he told her to count to 100 and he would become Superman. Unfortunately, the bullet in his head triggered a seizure and despite his pleas for help none of the bystanders did. The trauma made him decide that she counted and he is Superman.

He lived the remaining 3 years of his life thinking he is Superman, afraid of nothing. His true superpowers crippled by the kryptonite (bullet) in his head. Amazingly, he saved scores of people in these few years. So, was he crazy as Superman or was he crazy living an ordinary life? Are we crazy just going with the flow, or are we crazy when we push the envelope?

Why can’t we live like Superman/Superwoman? Can’t we leap over large problems in a single jump? Can’t we see things that others can’t? Why do we limit ourselves by what we can do? Put on your cape today and overcome problems with the heart of a champion. You are a hero if it makes you crazy to think so? Well…Up, up and away!

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