[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″ id=”” class=”post-content” style=””][text_output]It’s happened to all of us, life throws us a bad curve and things tend not to go as expected. We lose hope and start to sink into depression. It feels like we are slowly being covered by a thick blanket of darkness. Light fades and all hope goes with it. In these times we try to think positive and work our way through, holding on to any glimmer of hope we can muster.

Life is like that, things rarely go the way we expect. Unexpected and even disastrous things will happen. It is worse when the darkness that those situations generate comes, making us feel alone. Unfortunately, “alone” is the new normal and the world is changing to support that. The reality is that many people across the world, especially growing in this generation, are suffering from a very dangerous pandemic; hopelessness.

It is a sad generation that has no hope. People with many devices and comforts are still committing suicide because they cannot manage the thick cloud of darkness that life sometimes serves. Chasing after life’s goals can make us physically comfortable but we eventually realize that something else is missing. There is a certain element that needs to be added to create true happiness.

Knowing is not enough. Everyone knows that we need to be hopeful. We know we need to be positive, but how can we have hope when there is nothing to be hopeful about? Just telling someone to be hopeful means little in the long term. What happens when all the hope we can manage to muster evaporates? The greatest danger of “alone” is that we have been trying to pull hope from within ourselves.

When we reach our limit, that is where we are stuck. That is where the darkness wins. A dark room can’t become bright no matter how hard it tries. To overcome the darkness, light has to be added from somewhere else. Just a little light is enough to restore hope and chase the darkness away.

We have been trying to fight the darkness in our lives, ALONE, for too long. Of course, we will have our moments when hopelessness and despair are lingering. In these times, we need a source of hope, outside of ourselves, that can supply light when we become dark and hope when we become hopeless.

In our lives, we need someone who can be that ray of hope, lighting the path of life when the way gets dark. Darkness is not normal and hopelessness is not okay. If this is how we think, there is a problem! Our life needs light and we need hope. We need people who can be weak when we are strong.

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