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People often say, seeing is believing, but the world is much more than the sum of our perceptions. All of us, have considered the possibility that there is “more to the world than our senses can perceive. For example, there was a time when people were convinced that the world was flat. Believing that changed the way they lived.

If the world were, in fact, flat, then we would naturally be afraid travelling too far left we fall off the edge into oblivion. Since we now accept that to be false, people in that time lived within a false boundary created in their minds. It limited their thinking and their movement. However, when the truth was revealed, that boundary disappeared with it. Their way of life also changed and people could freely venture beyond the horizon, exploring the world that was once inconceivable.

To this day, we continue to limit ourselves with boundaries created within our imagination and our lives reflect that. Many times we can only see up to the horizon and when all the apparent avenues have been exhausted, we want to give up and accept whatever comes. Actually, we can either live in a two-dimensional world where we simply live on the surface, accepting the things as they come. Confined to the surface: What we see is what we get! Or in a three-dimensional world, we are not limited to just surface but can fly above it and soar. Now when we look down, there are so many more possibilities.

When the foundation of our thought changes, the way we live will also change. The problem started with our acceptance of the things we see, surface matters, as our only reality. If we venture too far out into the sea, away from our safe zone, we will fall off and die. On the flip side, when the foundation of our understanding is based on a round planet, then there is really no limit to the possibilities! Every direction holds a possible solution.

We just need to explore them instead of living in fear of the unknown.

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