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Oftentimes people have problems with trusting people around them. Do you ever wonder why?

There is a famous story that says, one freezing cold night a man was hiking by himself in the wilderness. It was dark and the snow was thick, so he couldn’t see properly and fell off a cliff. It was a long drop and screaming as he fell, he was sure this I was it. Fortunately, a sudden and painful jerk and his jacket was caught on a tree growing out of the side of the cliff. He hung there for a while, scared because when he looked down all he could see was darkness.

Having no other way, he prayed, “Lord, God please help me!” He cried out about several times then he heard a voice from Heaven. “Do you trust me, my son?” He replied, “Yes I trust you, Lord!” During all of this, he is still dangling from the tree. The voice from Heaven asked him that same question three times and each time his answer was yes. Then the voice said, “Pull the jacket and let go, my son, I will catch you.” He thought about it for a while but below him look dark and dangerous, so he couldn’t do it. The next day, he was found frozen to death dangling 6 inches from the ground.

Of course, this is just a story, and you may be thinking, he should have just jumped. We all live the same way, just think – how many times in your life you ask for help but you rejected it because it doesn’t LOOK like help. Even when we ask a question, we have already decided how the answer should sound. The right kind of help can be totally different from anything we imagined, but insisting on our own calculations can only lead to misery. Why should everything match our opinion? Help can be right in front of us, but we reject it and choose to remain in difficulty.

Everyone has things they can’t manage. There will always be times when we meet obstacles we can’t overcome alone. Times when we need another opinion, times when we have to trust someone else. We continue to keep our problems to ourselves because most of the time we have already calculated what people will say. We don’t want to hear that, so we decide to trudge on by ourselves. In other words, we actually CHOOSE misery, isolation and depression. If we knew everything, we would all be happy and have everything but that is far from reality. This fear of trusting something different is suffocating us individually and destroying the fabric of society.

People think they will be hurt if they trust other opinions too much. We end up with a world of people who don’t trust each other. The police don’t trust citizens, citizens don’t trust the police. Students don’t trust teachers, teachers don’t trust student. The most serious problem is a loss of trust between parents and children. The opposite of trust is isolation and too many people are isolated.

When we start trusting ourselves we start pretending to be happy than finding real happiness.  Accept the wisdom. We stand in crowds and are still alone, we live in a home with a family who become strangers. The truth is that the man in our story would die dangling from that tree. What did he have to lose, he might get hurt but, he might also live. Holding your own opinions and trusting no-one is denying you the hope, peace, and joy that only trust can bring.

Can you accept an opinion that is different from your own?

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