Mindset Education Series

Mindset Education

Change of Paradigm

People often say, seeing is believing, but the world is much more than the sum of our perceptions. All of us, have considered the possibility that there is “more to the world than our senses can perceive. For example, there was a time when people were convinced that the world was flat. Believing that changed the way they lived.Read more

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Thoughts That Lead to Suicide

We have all been there, the moment when we feel all hope is lost. Then comes the thought to just end it, we think everyone would be better off. The vast majority of us are able to dismiss those thoughts but some people were unable to. According to the World Health Organization, WHO global statistics, someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds. That is a very frightening reality.Read more

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Mindset Education

How Do I Open My Heart?

What if a sealed bottle of Pepsi® is submerged in salty sea water, would the salt water penetrate the bottle? What about the contents of the bottle, would it leak out? No, it wouldn’t, the bottle won’t allow anything to pass through it. Just like this, we live with our hearts tightly sealed like a plastic bottle. When our hearts close, we aren’t just keeping everything inside, we are also unable to receive anything from the people around us. Even a container with our favourite, if left sealed and untouched, the contents will eventually decay and become foul.Read more

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The Secret to Studying
Mindset Education

The Secret of Studying

Let’s face it! People rarely enjoy studying let alone doing it effectively. If we can’t enjoy studying, how can we expect to do it well? If we try to start by “studying how to study,” we will find a wide range of “proven” methods and all of them guaranteed success. Nonetheless, for the people who have a problem with studying, they fail for one primary reason, they have already decided that it can’t work, that studying isn’t to for them. They are just forcing themselves to do it and this mindset makes it extremely difficult to even pick up a book and try.Read more

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Mindset Education

The Power of Words

If we think that language is only for communication, then we are very mistaken. Many times we choose to label our situation as misery and hopelessness without even realising it. The words we use can generate darkness or despair, even happiness or peace in our hearts. These seemingly useless words we use every day are either shining light or darkness into our very lives. Read more

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Hug Therapy

Can you remember the last time you hugged someone? A hug is that seemingly useless act of momentary comfort that has been known to leave us with that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. We’ve all had hugs, even the most isolated and anti-social among us were hugged by their parents.Read more

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