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The Humming Birds Choir, with their unique ability to transform sorrow into joy, instills a sense of hope and inspiration in their listeners. Their heartfelt gratitude towards God is the driving force behind this transformative power, making their music a beacon of light in times of darkness.

Established in 2004, the Humming Birds was formed through the belief that music can positively impact people’s emotions. Their ultimate goal is to bring happiness to those struggling in hardship
and hopelessness.

They have performed at notable events in Jamaica and collaborated internationally, including in the Caribbean, the USA, and South Korea.

The Humming Birds Choir holds the Humming Birds & Friends Concert and the Christmas Concert, touring 6-8 cities in Jamaica annually. They also honoured invitations to perform at the 2023 Independence Gala and the Christian Leaders Fellowship World Conference in Atlanta (2022) and Houston (2023). They will also perform at the Youth World Culture Camp and CLF in South Korea in July 2024.

About The Concert

An Evening of Excellence with various Artiste and Cultural Performances to spread Hope and Happiness on Saturday, July 13th at the National Indoor Sports Centre at 6:30PM.

The past few years have been a whirlwind of challenges the trauma from a global pandemic, the ups and downs of an increasingly chaotic world, and our mental, emotional, and spiritual health tested at every turn.

Read the News Paper, watch the News or go online and the stories of pain and tragedy overwhelms. Jamaica needs healing and hope.

That is why the International Youth Fellowship is hosting the Humming Birds & Friends Musical Concert to deliver a beautiful evening of music and cultural performances that will revive and heal you.

Our Humming Birds music artists have been working tirelessly for this Musical Concert for an even more moving experience. That’s why we know this year’s concert will make an unforgettable mark on you and the ones you love.

It’s time for hope to take center stage and for the power of joy to perform its magic. Get your tickets today and see you there!!

First Come, First Serve.. Limited Seats
Each Person Must Present a Ticket to Enter

JA Xpressionz brings the world to the stage through their dazzling dance moves and cultural performances.

With the heart to build the future one youth at a time, youths have gather in unity to express their joy and happiness that they found through the Love and Grace of God.

Join us as we unite in joy, stand in hope and express the power of youth!

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