Expectations Vs Reality

Have you ever wondered why sometimes some students can’t seem to get along with their teachers, why some kids can never understand their parents or even why some wives can’t stand their husbands? For so long we have been living under the notion that things are supposed to be a certain way in our life relationships and when that doesn’t happen as expected, we feel miserable.

In Another Man’s Shoes

Thinking the wrong way is one thing but not thinking at all is far more dangerous. If we can’t think, we are left to drift through life with the idea…

What Is Your Life Goal

Have you ever stopped to consider the purpose of life? If life is a journey, have you wondered if you are on the right path? We go to school and study…

I Can Manage!!


How are you coping? Think about your work or school life. Are you managing? This world has convinced you that you should be able to manage and you have accepted it; but…are you? Human beings were not designed to function alone. As social creatures, we rely on others and we solve problems collectively. Consider the origins of the important discoveries that shape how we function daily. The clothes that we wear, even the books that read were made or written by someone else.

Take a Chance on Happiness

Technology is changing the way we socialise. This week marks the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone and this device changed the way we interact forever…


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