IYF Youth Talk EP08 – Levels of the Mind


July 23, 2020

“In order to find your destination, you first have to identify your current location.” We may have heard this saying before, but have we ever pondered how it relates to our mindset. People have different levels of mindset that determine how happily and successfully our lives unfold, depending on where we are. Through Episode 8 of the IYF Youth Talk Show, participants could reflect on the level of mindset with which they are currently living, as we continued to discuss the topic: Developing a Strong and Healthy Mindset, with specific focus on the classes of the mind.

The Guest Panellist was Stanecia Davis, Director of the volunteer organization, Acts of Grace; and former member of the Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica (YACJ). Through our discussions it was clear that mindset development had personal meaning to her. She mentioned that mind development required deliberate and continuous effort in the same way that muscle development requires exercise. Also, for her, having a strong mind involves having difficult conversations with others and even yourself when making tough decisions, such as choosing a career path.

People have different levels of mindset that determine how happily and successfully our lives unfold, depending on where we are.

The Guest Speaker, Professor Jae-Hong Kim, President of the Mind Education Institute, spoke about the different classes of the mind. Class 5, the lowest level, is the state where people fall into addictions; Class 4 is the state where people only follow their fleshly desire; Class 3 is the normal or average mind; Class 2 is the mind of a successful person (constantly challenging and overcoming their limits); and Class 1, the highest mindset, is the mind of a happy and successful person. Interestingly, most persons fall within the Class 3 mindset; but when given enough time and leisure can fall into a Class 4 or even a Class 5 mindset. To prevent this, one must push beyond the third class, by accepting and overcoming challenges.

What is your goal as it relates to mind development? Hopefully, it is to get to Class 1. If so, do you know which class of the mind you currently fall in and how to get to Class 1? Join us on the next episode of the IYF Youth Talk Show, where we will continue the discussion and share how you can obtain a Class 1 mind.


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