2017 World Camp Highlights

June 28, 2017

Opening Ceremony

On Saturday, June 16, 2017, we welcomed another IYF World Camp at the Mico University College. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and eager anticipation as volunteers were spotted dashing back and forth painting the campus with their red and blue shirts. Over 200 Camp participants, although a bit uncertain as to what to expect, especially given the rainy weather, all flocked the campus with their bright smiles. It was time for the show to begin!

After campers were registered, the opening ceremony started. Our IYF Righteous Stars dancers took to the stage first, delivering the joy of the gospel through their dance. We also journeyed throughout the world with a culture dance from Fiji, as well as musical performance form our IYF quartet. What really set the pace for the hearts of our campers was the message from our IYF Director, Pastor Lim, who delivered true hope to all who were present. The first night held a lot of promises for what was to come and all were excited to share it together.


The second day of the camp kicked off with early morning warmups. Despite the rain, campers were determined to find the treasure inside the camp. They could be seen running around with bright smiles, especially during the afternoon IYF mindset games.

Using the Avengers theme, campers took part in a series of mission challenges where they had to work as a team in order to make it through to the end. Campers’ joyful shrieks echoed throughout Mico as they went from mission to mission. At the end, they not only became more closely knit teams, but they could also reflect on the lessons learnt at each station.
Mindset Education Lectures

Mindset Education lecturers delved into core challenges of the youth, with topics on Isolation and Mindset Levels. Students could then realize that everything was stemming from having a closed heart.


Campers had an opportunity to participate in academies, or special interest areas such as Spanish, Korean and Cooking. Although quite shy in the beginning, they soon could come out of themselves and actively participate in the sessions.


The evening was one to remember as volunteers dazzled the stages with their wide array of cultural performances in the form of song, dance and play. The IYF’s Righteous star dancers took the stage with their big energy and bright smiles with “Better when I’m dancing.” The South American Dance, “La Ola” was performed by students who visited South America as volunteers for one year. Through this dance, they could express the true joy they experienced while volunteering.

The play team also introduced their production “The King’s Kindness.” This play’s message was to emphasize the power of mercy. The King’s true wisdom stemmed from his ability to think twice about situations. This ability to think beyond the first level was what eventually saved not only his kingdom, but also his life.

Group Fellowship
What truly jelled everything together was the group fellowship. Campers were able to recap their day and smile at the warm memories. During this time, the students could bond more freely and then eventually break out of their “shy” element, finally joining their hearts as one team.

By this time, campers were settled and could anticipate the schedule and its order. The morning performances brought joy to everyone’s hearts as they listened to the various musical performances as well as the morning message by our world camp Guest speaker, Director Lim from the IYF Atlanta branch. In the afternoon, campers had a chance to showcase their talent through our “IYF got talent” event. It was an afternoon filled with fun and laughter as students could throw away themselves and join hearts as one team.

Scavenger Hunt
Surely all good things must come to an end. The World Camp final day was surely one to remember. Our flagship activity, our IYF Scavenger hunt required not only strong teamwork but also strong hearts for any team to come out victors. Like all other IYF activities, this scavenger hunt was designed to get persons to overcome the burdensome things as they come, in the end receiving true joy and happiness. Many teams reached their breaking point, especially when they felt that they had no hope of making it to the end, but could rekindle their hope, especially when they could push past that mental block and successfully complete the scavenger hunt. Although there was only one first place team, all were winners because they could complete everything.
Closing Ceremony

The world camp came to a close at the Emancipation Park on Sunday, June 19. Many volunteers invited their family members and friends to come out and enjoy the evening’s performances. The stage was very diverse as we journeyed all over the world with a myriad of culture performances from South Korea, US, South America and Fiji. Although the campers were tired form the day’s activities, they were able to pour their hearts into their final performances with true happiness. At the camp’s end, it was a tearful moment. It really was difficult to say goodbye, especially after spending so much time together for four days as teams. The resolve was not to say goodbye but instead see you later, at the 2018 IYF World Camp.

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